Alpine Pearls
Comune di Valdidentro


Valdidentro is located not far from Bormio (8 km), which you can easily reach walking along the pedestrian path or with the public means of transport.

The district of Bormio, as well as Valdidentro, is rich in history and culture: you can visit the civic museum, where you can find many objets d’art and, in the ethnographic sections, different antiques of the local culture.

Don’t forget to visit the Botanical Alpine Garden of Rezia where you can admire 1200 species of Stelvio National Park.

In the district of Valfurva instead, you can visit the Vallivo Museum, where there is an exhibition of traditional objects and reconstruction of settings and workshops of the past times in Valfurva.

In Valdisotto, don’t miss the Venini Fort of Oga, it was a strategic point during the First World War, when the frontline was just a few kilometres far away on Stelvio glaciers.

20 km from Valdidentro, there is the duty free area of Livigno, one of the highest districts in Europe, where you can go shopping, visit the dairy or stroll along Spöl river.

An unbeatable opportunity is to travel with the well-known Red Bernina Train, UNESCO World heritage, from Tirano to St. Moritz across Engadina till the alpine glaciers.