Alpine Pearls
Comune di Valdidentro

hiking and trekking

In Valdidentro you can hike over different trails, through colourful and scented valleys. You can easily reach pic-nic areas and mountain shelters, to enjoy a tasty typical dish en plein air, watching a breathtaking landscape.

The trails are not only for expert hikers, in Valdidentro you can enjoy paths suitable for the whole family: the ways are well signalled and traced, and they have a wide range of gaps.

In Valdidentro you have the opportunity to walk inside the Stelvio National Park, where, if you are lucky, you can admire alpine animals, such has the rock goats, marmots and the lammergeyers.

Via AlpinaThe valley is also a stage of the Via Alpina, a trail that links Slovenia to a number of Alpine districts.

A mountain fit for families

DECAUVILLEArnoga - Pian dell'Acqua - Alpe Morzaglia - Gattonino - Fraele Towers - Scala Lake.    Logo
Length: 11,8 km
Duration: 3h 9min.
Difficulty: easy

San Carlo - Coste - Semogo - Cycling lane along Viola river - Isolaccia.  Logo
Length: 4,4 km
Duration: 1h 7min.
Difficulty: easy

The mountain for the amateurs

DOSDE' HUT: Baite Minestra - Baita Caricci - Rifugio Federico - Val Cantone - Canton del Dosdè – Dosdè hut.    Logo
Length: 8,5 km
Duration: 3h 12min.
Difficulty : average

The mountain for excursionists

PIZ UMBRAIL AND RIMS PEAKIV Road inspector’s house - Piz Umbrail – Rims Peak – Forcola hut – Fornelle hut - Solena.    Logo
Length: 14 km
Duration: 4h 40min.
Difficulty: hard